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Employee and Labor Relations has a primary role in advising supervisors on matters of contract interpretation and application for Hospital employees.

Our Employee and Labor Relations Departments provide guidance & direction to managers an employees on  local, state & federal employment and labor laws, collective bargaining agreements & related hospital policies and procedures. The Department strives  to foster a fair, consistent and harmonious work environment  in support of the organization’s most valuable resource – its people.  Employee Relations assists managers and staff with questions and processes related to permanent appointments, performance programs, performance evaluations, performance improvement plans, coaching and written warnings.  Labor Relations investigates and provides guidance on disciplinary matters and facilitates the review and resolution of union grievances.

State employees at Stony Brook University Hospital are represented by CSEA, PEF and UUP.

Labor Relations managers commonly provide advice on issues such as:

  • Time and attendance
  • Counseling techniques (Contact your Employee Relations Specialist first)
  • Addressing grievances
  • Interpreting union contracts
  • Interacting with unions
  • Pursuing disciplinary action
Office of Employee & Labor Relations
Stephen LoewenthalDirector of Employee and Labor Relations444-3982Stephen.Loewenthal@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Janine LeverichLabor Relations Assistant444-3780Janine.Leverich@stonybrookmedicine.edu


Hospital Labor Relations
Analise PolacsekManager444-6727Analise.Polacsek@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Lou de OnisSr. Labor Relations Specialist444-2528Luis.deonis@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Matthew LongSr. Labor Relations Specialist638-4361Matthew.Long@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Yasmin SotoSr. Labor Relations Specialist638-4376Yasmin.Soto@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Nathalie UdofiaSr. Labor Relations Specialist444-2596Nathalie.Udofia@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Jessica WeinbrechtSr. Labor Relations Specialist444-6443Jessica.Weinbrecht@stonybrookmedicine.edu


Hospital Employee Relations
Kim MarshallManager444-4755Kimberly.Marshall@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Kelsey DiStefanoEmployee Relations Specialist444-4742Kelsey.DiStefano@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Jennifer JacksonEmployee Relations Specialist444-4751Jennifer.Jackson@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Beth JohnsonEmployee Relations Specialist638-3012Elizabeth.Johnson3@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Susan HughesEmployee Relations Coordinator444-4746susan.hughes@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Samantha PersaudEmployee Relations Coordinator444-4735samantha.persaud@stonybrookmedicine.edu
Sylvia AbrilzEmployee Relations Assistant444-4740sylvia.abrilz@stonybrookmedicine.edu



Employee Relations Specialist Department Assignments



OFF HOURS CONTACT #: 516-329-7896

Main Number: 444-3780 

Fax Number: 444-6498

HSC Level 3, Room 040

Zip- 8329